Custom Optics Fabrication & Polishing

Coastline Optics offers a variety of custom optical products and services.  From 'Build to Print' to IBS Thin Film Coatings, we offer our customers a truly integrated 'one-stop' source for all their optical requirements.

Build to Print

Coastline Optics specializes in 'build to print' manufacturing.  From start to finish, we have the unique capability of offering our customers a truly integrated 'one-stop' source for all their optical requirements.

In addition to common optical materials such as Fused Silica, BK-7, Pyrex, and others, we have developed highly robust processes for Sapphire, Silicon, Silicon Carbides, Germanium, as well as Calcium Fluoride.

Whether R&D Projects or Full Production Runs, our fully equipped facility and highly trained staff is capable of handling the most critical projects and getting them done to the most exacting standards. 

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your next project!


Sapphire Polishing
High tensile strength, scratch resistant, transparent, chemically resistant are just a few of the unique characteristics of Sapphire.  These properties make Sapphire well suited for a number of applications from high energy laser rods to extremely durable canopy windows.

Although most companies find it very difficult to polish, Coastline's polishing team has developed highly dependable and repeatable processes for polishing Sapphire and Titanium Doped (Ti) Sapphire to sub-angstrom surface finishes.  For applications requiring low aspect ratios, surface figures of 1/50th wave PV are achievable.  For applications with high aspect ratios such as windows, Transmitted Wavefront Errors of 1/50th wave are achievable. 

Coastline Optics welcomes the opportunity to polish your supplied blanks or offer a complete turnkey solution for your requirements.


Silicon Carbide Polishing

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Silicon Polishing

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