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Research Grade Optics 'Ready to Ship' 

Coastline Optics now maintains an inventory of both Plano-Plano and Concave-Plano research grade substrates available for immediate delivery.  Made from Fused Silica, ULE, Zerodur, & BK-7, these substrates are of the highest quality and can be used for your most stringent projects.

All primary surfaces are 'Super Polished' with a surface roughness of <= 1 rms, figured to <= 1/10 Wave PV, and have a scratch-dig of <= 10-5.  The resulting combination helps to minimize both scatter and absorption from the substrate.  Combine these substrates with our low scatter, low absorption, low loss IBS coatings and performance gains are almost guaranteed!

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'Ready to Ship'

Custom Optics

Specializing in 'build to print' manufacturing, from start to finish, Coastline Optics has the unique capability of offering our customers a truly integrated 'one-stop' source for all their optical requirements.

In addition to common optical materials such as Fused Silica, BK-7, Pyrex, and others, we have developed highly robust processes for Sapphire, Silicon, Silicon Carbides, Germanium, as well as many others.

Whether R&D Projects or Full Production Runs, our fully equipped facility and highly trained staff is capable of handling the most critical projects and getting them done to the most exacting standards. 

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Custom Optics

IBS Thin Film Coatings

Low scatter, Low Absorption, Low Loss, our Ion-Beam Sputtered Coatings are second to none.  Armed with a large selection of target materials, we have the unique capability of providing our customers with a full range of optical coatings.  These dense and durable coatings can be designed to meet a variety needs.  From High Reflector to Anti-Reflector; Polarized to Non-Polarized Beam Splitters, or anything in between, our coating team can design a coating to meet your needs.

In addition to the above, we offer Silicon & Silicon Carbide deposited claddings offering a unique solution to certain applications. 

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IBS Thin Film

Test & Metrology Services

Our metrology department can measure a number of optical properties.  Whether you're looking to have a test flat recertified or need to determine properties of your coated optics, Coastline Optics can provide the assistance you need.

Optical Flats of up to 12" can be measured for Figure or Transmitted Wavefront Error using our Zygo Mark GPI.

Surface roughness measurements into the sub-angstrom levels can be measured using our Zygo Heterodyne Profiler, model 5500.

Coating performance in transmission and/or reflection as well as wavelength centering can be measured on our Cary 500 Spectrophotometer.

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Test & Metrology

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