Test & Metrology Services

Our metrology department can measure a number of optical properties.  Whether you're looking to have a test flat recertified or need to determine properties of your coated optics, Coastline Optics can provide the assistance you need.

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Figure & Transmitted Wavefront Error Measurements

Let us measure and certify your optical test flat or window on our Zygo Mark GPI Phase Shifting Interferometer!

  • Surface Figure/Flatness to 12"
  • Transmitted Wavefront Errors to 12"
  • Certifiable to 1/10 Wave PV @ 633 nm
  • Surface Interferogram and Certification Provided


Surface Roughness Measurements

Does your application have you concerned about micro-roughness?  We can provide surface roughness measurements into the sub-angstrom levels.  Our Zygo Heterodyne Profiler can safely and non-destructively measure the surface roughness of your optics with an accuracy of better than 0.1 rms.

  • Surface Measurements to Sub-Angstrom Levels
  • Certifiable to 'in-house standards'
  • Surface Roughness Profile Provided


Optical Coating Performance Measurements

Coating performance in transmission, reflection, and wavelength centering can be measured on our Cary 500 Spectrophotometer.

  • Transmission Measurements
  • Reflection Measurements
  • Wavefront Centering Measurements
  • Performance Graphs Provided




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